La produzione scientifica legata a HPC@POLITO dal 2014 al 2019

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"Computational resources were provided by HPC@POLITO, a project of Academic Computing within the Department of Control and Computer Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino ("

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Ecco la lista aggiornata di tutti gli articoli pubblicati grazie al contributo della nostra iniziativa dall'anno 2014 al 2019:

Articoli su rivista con citazione o segnalati dagli autori

182Production and processing of graphene and related materialsRe Fiorentin et al2D MATERIALS
181Test and modeling of the hydraulic performance of high-efficiency cooling configurations for gyrotron resonance cavitiesAllio, A.; Difonzo, R.; Leggieri, A.; Legrand F.; Marchesin, R. and Savoldi, L.Energies2020
180Uncertainty quantification in multi-physics calculations of ALFRED Lead Fast ReactorAbrate, N. Dulla, S. Ravetto, P.Proceedings of the PHYSOR 2020, Cambridge, UK,2020
179Neutronic/thermal-hydraulic coupled modelling of the EBR-II SHRT-45R transient including photonValerio, D. Abrate, N. Dulla, S. Nallo, G. F. Ravetto, P.Proceedings of the PHYSOR 2020, Cambridge, UK2020
178Composite wing box deformed-shape reconstruction based on measured strains: Optimization and comparison of existing approachesMarco Esposito, Marco GherloneAerospace Science and Technology, Volume 99, 2020, 105758, ISSN 1270-96382020
177Unravelling electrocatalytic properties of metal porphyrin-like complexes hosted in graphene matricesRisplendi, Francesca, Re Fiorentin, Michele, Cicero, Giancarlo2D Materials 7 2 025017 2053-1583 2022020
176The Effect of Mooring Line Parameters in Inducing Parametric Resonance on the Spar-Buoy Oscillating Water Column Wave Energy ConverterGiuseppe Giorgi, Rui P. F. Gomes, Giovanni Bracco and Giuliana Mattiazzoournal of Marine Science and Engineering2020
175The force exerted by granular flows on slit damsLeonardi, A., Goodwin, G. R., & Pirulli, M.Acta Geotechnica, 14(6), 1949–1963
174Joint optimization of geophysical data using multi-objective swarm intelligenceFrancesca Pace, Alberto Godio, Alessandro Santilano, Cesare CominaGeophysical Journal International, Volume 218, Issue 3, September 2019, Pages 1502–1521
173Particle Swarm Optimization of 2D Magnetotelluric dataPace, F., Santilano, A., & Godio, A.Geophysics, 84(3), E125-E141
172Sequeval: an offline evaluation framework for sequence-based recommender systemsD. Monti, E. Palumbo, G. Rizzo, M. MorisioINFORMATION
171Improved Performance Measures for Video Quality Assessment Algorithms Using Training and Validation SetsA. Aldahdooh, E. Masala, O. Janssens, G. Van Wallendael, M. Barkowsky, P. Le CalletIEEE Transactions on Multimedia, Volume 21, Issue 8, August 2019, Pages 2026-20412019
170The Effect of Post Injection Coupled with Extremely High Injection Pressure on Combustion Process and Emission Formation in an Off-Road Diesel Engine: A Numerical and Experimental InvestigationMillo, F., Piano, A., Peiretti Paradisi, B., Boccardo, G. et al.SAE Technical Paper 2019-24-0092, 20192019
169Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Latest Generation Diesel Aftertreatment SystemsSapio, F., Millo, F., Fino, D., Monteverde, A. et al.SAE Technical Paper 2019-24-0142, 20192019
168Spatial Phase Separation of a Binary Mixture in a Ring TrimerV. Penna, A. RichaudJournal of Physics: Conference Series 1206, 0120112019
167The mixing-demixing phase diagram of ultracold heteronuclear mixtures in a ring trimerV. Penna, A. Richaud, A. ZenesiniScientific Reports 9, 6908 (2019)2019
166Pathway toward the formation of supermixed states in ultracold boson mixtures loaded in ring latticesV. Penna, A. RichaudPhysical Review A 100, 013609 (2019)2019
165Nonwoven Mats of N-doped Carbon nanofibers as High-performing Anodes in Microbial Fuel CellsMassaglia, Margaria, Re Fiorentin et al.Materials Today Energy2019
164Heat Transfer at the Interface of Graphene Nanoribbons with Different Relative Orientations and GapsMohammad Nejad, S., Bozorg Bigdeli, M., Srivastava, R., & Fasano, M.Energies, 12(5), 7962019
163From GROMACS to LAMMPS: GRO2LAM: A converter for molecular dynamics softwareChávez, H. T., Cardellini, A., Fasano, M., Bergamasco, L., Alberghini, M., Ciorra, G., Chiavazzo E., Asinari, P.Journal of molecular modeling, 25(6), 147-1472019
162Mechanistic correlation between water infiltration and framework hydrophilicity in MFI zeolitesFasano, M., Bevilacqua, A., Chiavazzo, E., Humplik, T., & Asinari, P.Scientific Reports, 9(1), 1-122019
161Exploring the Free Energy Landscape To Predict the Surfactant Adsorption Isotherm at the Nanoparticle–Water InterfaceDe Angelis, P., Cardellini, A., & Asinari, P.Central Science, 5(11), 1804-18122019
160Multi-scale approach for modeling stability, aggregation, and network formation of nanoparticles suspended in aqueous solutionsCardellini, A., Alberghini, M., Rajan, A. G., Misra, R. P., Blankschtein, D., & Asinari, P.Nanoscale, 11(9), 3979-39922019
159A Deep Learning Approach to the Screening of Oncogenic Gene Fusions in HumansM Lovino, G Urgese, E Macii, S Di Cataldo, E FicarraInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences 20 (7), 16452019
158Exploiting Gene Expression Profiles for the Automated Prediction of Connectivity between Brain RegionsI Roberti, M Lovino, S Di Cataldo, E Ficarra, G UrgeseInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences 20 (8), 20352019
157Dealing with Lack of Training Data for Convolutional Neural Networks: The Case of Digital PathologyF. Ponzio, G. Urgese, E. Ficarra, S. Di CataldoElectronics 8.3 (2019): 2562019
156lasma actuator-assisted rocket nozzle for improved launcher performanceFerrero, A., Pastrone, D.AIAA Journal 57(4)2019
155Reduced order modelling for turbomachinery shape designFerrero, A., Iollo, A., Larocca, F.International Journal of Computational Fluid Dynamics2019
154Supporting data and methods for the multi-scale modelling of freeze-drying of microparticles in packed-bedsLuigi C. Capozzi, Antonello A. Barresi, and Roberto PisanoData in Brief 22, 722-7552019
153A multi-scale computational framework for modeling the freeze-drying of microparticles in packed-bedsLuigi C. Capozzi, Antonello A. Barresi, and Roberto PisanoPowder Technology, 343, 834-8462019
152Multiscale fluid-particle thermal interaction in isotropic turbulenceCarbone, M., Bragg, A.D., Iovieno, M. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 881, pp.679-7212019
151Direct numerical simulation of a warm cloud top model interface: Impact of the transient mixing on different droplet populationBhowmick, T., Iovieno, M.Fluids 4(3), 1442019
150Accurate direct numerical simulation of two-way coupled particle-laden flows through the nonuniform fast Fourier transformCarbone M., Iovieno M.Int. J. of Safety and Security Eng2019
149Designing the Optimal Formulation for Biopharmaceuticals: A New Approach Combining Molecular Dynamics and ExperimentsArsiccio A., Paladini A., Pattarino A., Pisano R.Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 108, 431-4382019
148Population balance modelling of bubble columns under the heterogeneous flow regimeGemello, L., Plais, C., Augier, F., Marchisio, D.L.Chemical Engineering Journal, 372, pp. 590-6042019
147Evaluation of Hydrodynamic Closures for Bubbly Regime CFD Simulations in Developing Pipe Flow Shiea, M., Buffo, A., Baglietto, E., Lucas, D., Vanni, M., Marchisio, D.Chemical Engineering and Technology, 42 (8), pp. 1618-16262019
146Fine and ultrafine particle deposition in packed-bed catalytic reactorsBoccardo, G., Sethi, R., Marchisio, D.L.Chemical Engineering Science, 198, pp. 290-3042019
145A passive two-way microfluidic device for low volume blood-plasma separationpigarelli, L., Bertana, V., Marchisio, D., Scaltrito, L., Ferrero, S., Cocuzza, M., Marasso, S.L., Canavese, G., Pirri, C.F.Microelectronic Engineering, 209, pp. 28-342019
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143Proving the existence of Mn porphyrin-like complexes hosted in reduced graphene oxide with outstanding performance as oxygen reduction reaction catalystsGarino, Nadia, Castellino, Micaela, Sacco, Adriano, Risplendi, Francesca, Muñoz-Tabares, José A, Armandi, Marco, Chiodoni, Angelica, Salomon, Damien, Quaglio, Marzia, Pirri, Candido F2D Materials, 6, 4, 045001, 2053-15832019
142Nanoparticle Reshaping and Ion Migration in Nanocomposite Ultrafast Ionic Actuators: The Converse Piezo–Electro–Kinetic EffectChiolerio, Alessandro, Perrone, Denis, Roppolo, Ignazio, Rizza, Giancarlo, Risplendi, Francesca, Stassi, Stefano, Laurenti, Marco, Rajan, Krishna, Chiappone, Annalisa, Bocchini, SergioAdvanced Functional Materials, 29, 31, 1902941, 1616-301X, 20192019
141Microwave‐assisted synthesis of copper‐based electrocatalysts for converting carbonBejtka, Katarzyna, Di Martino, Gaia, Sacco, Adriano, Castellino, Micaela, Re Fiorentin, Michele, Risplendi, Francesca, Farkhondehfal, M Amin, Hernández, Simelys, Cicero, Giancarlo, Pirri, Candido FChemElectroChem2019
140Fundamental Insights on Hydration Environment of Boric Acid and Its Role in Separation from Saline WaterRisplendi, Francesca, Raffone, Federico, Lin, Li-Chiang, Grossman, Jeffrey C, Cicero, GiancarloThe Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 1932-7447, 20192019
139Electric field exfoliation and high-TC superconductivity in field-effect hole-doped hydrogenated diamond (111)D Romanin, T Sohier, D Daghero, F Mauri, RS Gonnelli, M CalandraApplied Surface Science 496, 1437092019
138Uncertainty Analysis and Robust Design for a Hybrid Rocket Upper StageL. Casalino, F. Masseni, D. G. PastroneJournal of spacecraft and rockets2019
137Equivalence of position–position auto-correlations in the Slicer Map and the Lévy–Lorentz gas C Giberti, L Rondoni, M Tayyab, J VollmerNonlinearity 32 (2019) 2302–23262019
136Sign singularity of the local energy transfer in space plasma turbulenceL. Sorriso-Valvo, G. De Vita, F. Fraternale, et al.Frontiers in Physics7:108 (2019). DOI: 10.3389/fphy.2019.001082019
135The structure of magnetic turbulence in the heliosheath region observed by Voyager 2at 106 AUF. Fraternale, N. V. Pogorelov, J. D. Richardson, and D. Tordella.J. Phys.  Conf.  Series1225, 012006 (2019). DOI:10.1088/1742-6596/1225/1/0120062019
134Magnetic turbulence spectra and intermittency in the heliosheath and in the local interstellar mediumF. Fraternale, N. V. Pogorelov, J. D. Richardson, and D. TordellaAstrphysical Journal 872:40 (2019). DOI:10.3847/1538-4357/aafd302019
133Nonwoven Mats of N-doped Carbon nanofibers as High-performing Anodes in Microbial Fuel CellsMassaglia, Margaria, Re Fiorentin et al.Materials Today Energy, to appear2019
132Disruption modelling for the EU DEMO reactorGiuseppe Francesco Nallo, Subba, F; Moscheni, M.EUROfusion Work package WP-PMI-5.3.2-T001, WP-PMI-5.3.2-T0082019
131Tritium system design for the EU DEMO reactorDomenico Valerio, Bonifetto, R.; Savoldi, L.EUROfusion Work package WP-BB-6.1.2-T003-D0012019
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Tesi legate a HPC@POLITO

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